Paving the Way for Science, Skincare, and Opportunities.

Paving the Way for Science, Skincare, and Opportunities.

Welcome To The New Juvenaé
Our mission at Juvenaé is to create innovative skincare for everyone and provide opportunities for all. Now operating under new management, Juvenaé has officially relaunched into the beauty space. Before we get started on the amazing products we make, the science, and all things Juvenaé, we feel that it’s important to explain how we got here.

Skincare Powered By Science

SpecBeauty has been in the business of merging biotech with beauty products since 2015. At SpecBeauty, we have a team of Ivy League scientists that specialize in stem cell research. Our team of scientists harvest stem cells from adipose tissue, where they are able to culture, formulate, and produce products that contain growth factors that help your skin look and feel younger. This process has brought many companies to our doorstep for specialty product development, including Juvenaé of Idaho. 


All products are cultured, formulated, and bottled in Chico, California.

That Was Then, This Is Now

In 2021, Juvenaé Idaho could no longer continue operating under previous management and we decided to step in, because not only did we produce their products, we were so passionate about the science that went into them. As we took on this role as the new Juvenaé Skincare, we decided to revamp everything, including the business model. Our goal is not only to provide the highest quality skincare available, but also to provide high quality experiences and opportunities to the people who make it possible. Let me introduce you to the biggest commission structure in the beauty space, our three-tier affiliate program. 

A Multi-Tier Affiliate Program Like No Other
Whether you are a beauty influencer, a skincare enthusiast, an entrepreneur, or just want to share products you love, being a Juvenaé affiliate allows you to work on the go, from home, or wherever you choose. With no cost to you, there’s no buy in, no storing products, and no minimums. 

Let’s break it down. There are 3 tiers in the commission structure:

Tier 1 - You (30% commissions)

Tier 2 - Anyone who has signed up under you using your “Network link” (10% commissions)

Tier 3 - Anyone who has signed up under your sign-ups’ “Network links” (5% commissions)

That’s a total of 45% in total commissions! We did our homework, and we simply haven't found any program that has the amount of potential commissions we offer. Our mission is to be as transparent as possible, providing amazing skincare and opportunities to the people who make our brand successful.


No Risks, Only Rewards

At Juvenaé, we just want to share our products with the people who share the same passion about skincare. With our multi-tier program, you can share the products you love and also make money doing it! We want all of our affiliates to become successful, the right way. It’s not about recruiting, we’re not going to persuade you with leased cars, or tropical trips– Our model is simply putting cash in your hands, earning up to 45% in total commissions. I call that a win-win. We love skincare, and we love people who love skincare. Juvenaé’s mission is to create science, skincare, and opportunities for all.

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