Frequently Asked Questions

Common Juvenaé questions answered.

All Juvenaé products are formulated and manufactured in sunny Chico California. Ingredients are specifically selected to provide anti-aging results and rejuvenate skin.
Juvenaé uses human stem cell derived growth factors in every formulation.

You're human, not a plant. Human derived growth factors work best on human skin. Juvenaé growth factors are directly recognized by receptors in your skin cells, promoting an increase of collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin, and other beneficial skin proteins that produce a healthy youthful appearance in your skin.
While certain plant extracts contain vitamins and antioxidants that are beneficial to your skin, they do not compare to the powerful growth factors and cytokines produced by human stem cells.

Juvenaé uses ethically sourced human adipose derived stem cells (ADSCs). Juvenaé ADSCs are acquired with consent from lipoaspirate, the fat from liposuction that is typically discarded after surgery. After rigorous safety and efficacy checks, the ADSCs are passed on to our science team.

No embryos, human eggs (oocytes), bone marrow, or other controversial tissues are used to produce Juvenaé products. Tissues are used to produce Juvenaé products.

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